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NDIS Physiotherapy

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a national framework designed to support people with a disability to become more independent, develop new skills, connect with their community, and improve their quality of life. 

Movement Solutions’ physiotherapy services support NDIS participants to maximize their physical function, independent mobility, and motor development.
Self and plan-managed NDIS participants can use their Capacity Building and/or Core Support funding to access physiotherapy intervention and assistive technology (AT) such as wheelchairs, walkers, standing frames and adapted trikes and bikes. 
Movement Solutions and the NDIS 
Our physiotherapists at Movement Solutions provide quality, evidence based and outcome focused care to work towards your NDIS goals.
Our Physiotherapists Support Patients With: 

-Developmental concerns, delay or disabilities

Cerebral Palsy

Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) 

Turner’s Syndrome

Rett’s Syndrome

Angeleman’s Syndrome

-Kabuki Syndrome


Prada-Willi Syndrome

Connective Tissue Disorders



Melissa during a physiotherapy consultation with a NDIS patient.
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