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NDIS Services


Our highest priority is to establish meaningful NDIS and physiotherapy goals, using a family centered approach to achieve functional outcomes.

Movement Solutions collaborates with many service and equipment providers across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our physiotherapists are happy to work with your current therapy and equipment team as part of a holistic care plan. Our physiotherapy staff constantly explore and evaluate new therapeutic equipment (including orthotics, wheelchairs, walkers, standing frames, bikers, and scooters) to ensure our patients and their families can access the best possible assistive technologies to meet their goals and needs.
Our physiotherapists are also happy to share their expertise and recommendations. We can provide our patients with, end of plan reports, assistive technology applications, letters of support (for in plan equipment), change of circumstance applications and decision appeals.

"Since using his Race Runner, my son Liam has been able to walk for longer periods of time while on family walks as his endurance is building. He loves the independence the Race Runner gives him and shoots me back a cheeky smile when he increases his speed! The Race Runner also gives Liam the inclusion factor when his sisters are riding their bikes alongside him."
Liam & His Race Runner
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