All Abilities Yoga and Pilates Classes

Yoga classes are for all ages and run on Saturday morning at our Coorparoo clinic.  We offer a kids class, which includes animal poses, visualisations journeys and Tibetan bell relaxation. A combined teens and parents class focuses on strength, flexibility and relaxation using traditional postures. Amy, Melissa and Petra are qualified “Rainbow Yoga for Kids” instructors and combine this knowledge with their physiotherapy expertise to offer a holistic approach to gentle exercise.


Coorparoo now offers one on one and group based Pilates classes. These session include the use of reformers, wunda chair and spring board and are run by an experienced physiotherapist.  Programs are individualised to compliment one on one physiotherapy treatment and progress rehabilitation.

These sessions are ideal for:
  • Postural correction
  • Balance and co-ordination issues
  • Flexibility and strengthening
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Relaxation, anxiety and sleeping concerns
  • Pervasive developmental disorders / Autistic spectrum disorders


Programs focus on a
number of goals:
    • Strengthening your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles
    • Building muscular strength and endurance to help with the demands of daily life
    • Postural awareness, flexibility and control
    • Exercising safely: tailored program run by our physiotherapists
When does Gym run?

Yoga Coorparoo:

  • Saturday 7.00 am (kids yoga)
  • Saturday 9.30 am (teens and adults yoga)
  • Saturday 10.30 am (teens and adults yoga)

Pilates Coorparoo:

  • Please contact front desk staff for details



Yoga: $15 per 45 minute class

One on One Pilates: $65 per 30 minute session

Pilates Group sessions:  $45 per 45 minute session (2 participants per session)


* Private health fund rebates vary according to your fund and level of insurance 

** Better start or NDIS funding eligible