Parents & Bubs Exercise Classes

These classes are for all parents who are wanting to exercise safely in an environment where their baby can participate. We are happy for bubs to join in on the fun whether it is sleeping in the pram, playing on the mat or as a part of your exercise routine.

These sessions are ideal for:


  • Parents and babies under 12 months
  • Especially beneficial for premature babies


Programs focus on a
number of goals:
    • Strengthening your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
    • Building muscular strength and endurance to help with the demands a new child brings
    • Back Care, including practicing safe lifting and carrying of your baby
    • Relaxation and breathing techniques
    • Advice on play and handling techniques to assist bubs development, as well as strategies for settling
    • Being fun, social and informative
    • Exercising safely: tailored program run by our physiotherapists
When do the classes run?


  • Wednesday 10.15 am


  • Monday 9.30 am


  • Friday 10.15 am
  • Wednesday 10.15 am



These classes run for 45 minutes at $21.00 per class.

* Private health fund rebates vary according to your fund and level of insurance