Consultation Fees


Private Patients


A doctor’s referral is not required to see a physiotherapist in private practice. We do, however, frequently work in partnership with GP’s, medical specialists and other members of the medical team.  To facilitate communication please bring any referrals along to your appointment. HICAPS (private health fund electronic claiming service) is available. The amount and type of rebate is dependent upon your private health fund and level of cover. For more information, please contact your health fund directly.


National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Patients


We are a registered provider with the NDIS and accept both self-managed and agency managed packages. Please call our rooms for more information.


GP Management Plan Patients


We welcome being involved, if your GP feels it is appropriate, in an enhanced primary care plan for a complex or chronic condition via a Team Care Arrangement. To be eligible you must have a current referral from your GP including their treatment plan.  We are able to claim your rebate from Medicare immediately, provided you bring your Medicare card and debit card to each appointment. The Medicare rebate for Physiotherapy is $52.95*. Patients who have reached the Medicare Safety Net may receive a higher rebate.
*Subject to change without notice.


Payment for all services is expected on the day of consultation. 



Professional Fees


                                                                                                                Initial                     Extended            Standard

Melissa Locke                                                                                      $295.00               $222.00               $147.50

Jane Brooksbank and Catherine Willis                                         $220.00                $165.00               $110.00

Nicholas Draheim and Amy Matzner                                            $205.00                $154.00               $102.50

Mitchell Dobson, Emily Kerwin and Nicholas Tran                      $190.00                 $142.50               $95.00

Manny Tanios and Ally Curran                                                       $175.00                 $131.25                $87.50

Tracey Lau                                                                                          $160.00                 $120.00              $80.00


Physiotherapist Assistants                                                           60 mins                  45 mins                30 mins

Caleb Grant and Thomas Rees                                         $95.00                     $71.25                   $47.50


Personal Trainer                                                                                     60 mins                  45 mins               30 mins

Nicholas Shields                                                                     $90.00                       $67.50                  $45.00



Boot Camp and Movers and Shakers                                        $35.00 per session

Group – Pilates, Co-Ordinated Kids)                                          $45.00 per session

Circuit                                                                                                $25.00 per session

Wheels Program                                                                             $50.00 per session



The different consultations fee correspond with the varying levels of clinical experience and post-graduate qualifications of our Physiotherapists. Please call for more information on which physiotherapist is most appropriate for your needs.